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Getting Started as a Student
Getting Started as a Student
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Welcome to TutorMe!

How to Log In

We’re so happy to have you on the platform. To access your account, log in in by following the specific instructions provided by your school or company.

Connect With a Tutor

Once you’re logged in, you can request a tutor! To do so, click on the green ‘Request a live tutor’ button on your homepage. Here’s an article and tutorial video with more details about requesting a tutor.

When you’ve connected with a tutor, you’ll be taken to the Lesson Space! Here’s an article and tutorial video about getting started with the Lesson Space basics.

Check out other Lesson Space tutorial videos below:

Submit a Paper to the Writing Lab

If your school offers it, you can also submit a paper to the Writing Lab by clicking on the ‘Submit your writing assignment’ button on your homepage. Here's an article and tutorial video with more details about the Writing Lab.

Check out other Writing Lab tutorial videos below:

Please also make sure that you have read and understood TutorMe’s Code of Conduct and check out this tutorial video about it.

Check out the TutorMe Help Center

If you have any questions and need help, visit the TutorMe Help Center by clicking on ‘Help’ at the upper-right corner of your screen. From there, you’ll be taken to our help center pages with numerous Student help articles.

Contact TutorMe Support

There are two ways to contact our support team; One is to click on the chat icon at the bottom-right corner of the help center or TutorMe homepage to chat with us directly. The second is to email us at

We hope you have a great session!

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