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Adding new users to the TutorMe Admin Dashboard
Adding new users to the TutorMe Admin Dashboard
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During your TutorMe onboarding and implementation team, our Customer Success team grants Admin Dashboard access to the Primary Contact you’ve identified for your organization. That person is responsible for provisioning Admin Dashboard access to other members within your organization.

Adding Admin Dashboard users

To provision Admin Dashboard access to additional stakeholders from your organization, navigate to Settings → User Management → Add New User.

You’ll then be prompted to input the first name, last name, and email address of the person you’d like to add – when you click Send Invite, that person will receive an email invitation to join your organization’s TutorMe Admin Dashboard.

Managing permission levels within the Admin Dashboard

Once you’ve added a new user to the Admin Dashboard, an icon with three dots will appear to the right of their name. Clicking on that icon allows you to edit the user’s level of access or to remove their access entirely.

There are two permission levels available to Admin Dashboard users:

  • View Data: If this box is checked, the user will be able to view all data within the TutorMe Admin Dashboard.

  • Manage Users: If this box is checked, the user will be able to add new users to your TutorMe Admin Dashboard, and to control their levels of access.

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