Our tutors provide high-quality tutoring, so we must pay them accordingly. Therefore, our tutoring services are not free.

Good news 🙌:  We provide all new students with a 30-minute free trial (think of it as a test drive). The free trial requires a credit card so that we are able to charge you 58¢ per minute of tutoring that exceeds the free trial. After the free trial, plans start at only $69/month!

Are you a current student?

You can get free tutoring through your school. 

TutorMe partners with schools all around the world to provide tutoring to their entire student body. Typically, our partners will purchase tutoring hours for their students, which means the students don't have to pay for it directly.

If you're interested in receiving free tutoring for your entire school, please contact an administrator in your academic support center or tutoring center. You can always cc our our team at partners@tutorme.com. You can also encourage your classmates to send emails to your school admins as well.

If you'd like more information, visit our Academic Partners site.

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